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Free Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids

Though meant as a day for lovers, February 14 can be like Christmas when making kids happy rules. Here are some gift ideas for them on Valentine's Day.

Though special occasions like Christmas and Valentine's Day have been commercialized, there are ways to celebrate them with kids sans any cost. Here are some gift ideas to give them on February 14 without being like the capitalist-friendly Santa Claus:

Improvised mementos for free Valentine's Day gifts for kids

Create homemade cards and photo albums using scratch papers, old newspapers, or old school books. Have the kid's grandparents, cousins, and playmates sign the card or a page on the album. Wilted leaves and flower petals can also be transformed into beautiful bookmarks. Write the kid's name on the leaf or petal to seal that personal touch. Not only will these gifts teach a child about recycling and taking care of the environment, they can also teach her/him about creativity and resourcefulness.

Write and read a letter, a poem, or a short story about love

A love letter is not only for romantic reasons. A parent can also write the same for her/his kid. If the child is still learning to write, copy the way she/he writes, but read the letter or poem as an adult who unconditionally loves her/him. These letters can be written any day of the year. Not only will these help form a special bond, but these can teach the child to appreciate the written word and the value of reading. These can also introduce her/him to poetry and literature.

The short story can be presented using materials like boxes for shoes and cereals. It can be about a parent's childhood experience related to love. Images can be cut from old newspapers, magazines, or school books. An artist friend can also be asked to "donate" an hour or two to draw the figures as depicted in the story.

For adolescents, parents or guardians can write these gifts either with a pen or by using a computer. These love letters, poems, or short stories can also be posted online or be sent by email to surprise them.

Voice greetings for free Valentine's Day gifts for kids

Call a local radio station and ask or request the DJ to greet your child "Happy Valentine's Day from your ____ [name(s) of parent(s)]." The child's grandparents, fave relatives, and friends can also be asked to call to greet her/him. These verbal gifts will help assure the child that she/he is valued by others. These will also teach her/him about thoughtfulness and to value the people who care for her/him.

Compose and sing an original love song or perform a kiddie dance

Though older kids may find this ridiculous, if not corny, the younger ones will find it funny, if not engaging. A live performance or a home-based recorded version using an old tape or CD-RW (Compact Disc-ReWritable) can be played to present this gift. The child can also be taught to sing the song or to imitate the dance. Whether or not she/he rightly performs them, the process of singing and learning to dance will make the moment fun. Gifts of this kind can introduce the child to music and performance art. These can also teach her/him about self-confidence.

Say "I love you" as a free Valentine's Day gift for kids

Valentine's Day can happen everyday, and so is Christmas. Whether a kid already understands the word "love" doesn't matter, as long as she/he feels secured, safe, and loved. Saying "I love you" can be done with a hug or a kiss or an unexpected gift. It can also be said by spending time with the child, sharing stories and jokes. With these three words, a child can learn that quality gifts often come without a price tag.

Love is free and empowering

Having a child to take care of is such a blessing. Amidst all the challenges, having someone to love and be loved certainly makes dealing with life less difficult. A smile, a hug, or a kiss on the cheek from a happy child makes parenting or guardianship worth all the sacrifices it entails. With the increasing commercialization of human life, from reproduction to death, it becomes vital to teach children that no amount of money can buy what love truly means.

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