Researched Works

Researched Works

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Books and Plays

A Man for All Seasons
This Present Darkness


How to Care for Roses


Gender and Coping to Achieve Work-Life Balance
Gender Diversity 101: Understanding Basic Concepts
Patriarchy, Female Resistance, and The Theory of Evolution


Best Mattress for Back Pain
Hair Loss and Baldness Treatment


Employment Conditions in the Philippines Under Colonial Rule
First Pro-Labor Policies in Industrializing Asia
Sailing Expeditions in Early Asia - Europe as an Imperial Power
Winston Churchill

Media and Mass Communication

How Media Affects the Military


Inherit the Wind


Che Guevara: The Books and Authors Whose Works He Read as a Youth
Education in the Philippines: The Link Between Birth Order and Academic Performance
How Boxing Changed Manny Pacquiao's Life
Karl Marx and the Cuban Cigar
Slipcovered Sofas
Recognition as a Vital Human Need
Smoking and Tobacco Consumption in the Philippines
The Essence of Being Human
The Rise of Celebrity Culture

Politics and Government

Who has Power in America


Abuse and Human Rights in Intimate Relationships
Celibate Life or Brahmacharya: Valentine's Day without a Partner
Free Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids
Internet Romance - From Online to Offline Relationship Ideas
Red Flags in Relationship - Tips for Romantics With Online Lovers


A Brief History of the Philippine Code of Muslim Personal Laws
Islam and Women: A Gendered Imbalance?
Muslim Laws in Pre-Colonial Philippines
Muslim Laws under a Colonized Philippines
Post-colonial Philippines and the Code of Muslim Personal Laws
The Code of Muslim Personal Laws: Issues and Other Related Laws
The Relationship between Religious Freedom and Constraint

Science and Technology

Computer Monitors
Hard Disk Drives
Intelligent Agents


Balancing Paid Work and Personal Life in the Academe
Coping to Balance Paid Work and Personal Life
Decent Work for Filipinos: Post-Colonization and Globalization
Employee Satisfaction, Happiness, and Other Issues
Investment Prospects for Doing Business in the Philippines
Nature and Common Effects of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: History and Definition
The Good Employer - History of Employee Compensation and Benefits
Work Abroad for Filipinos: Avoiding Online Job Scams
Work Conditions and Management Issues in a Family-Owned College in the Philippines