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Slipcovered Sofas

Slipcovered sofas come in all different sizes and types. And of course you can change the look of your slipcovered sofa whenever you like, simply by changing the style or color of your slipcover.

Not only can you easily change the way your slipcovered sofa looks, but whenever your slipcover gets dirty you can simply throw it in the wash. Washing the slipcover is like throwing your entire sofa in the wash and the sofa ends up looking like new each time.

Washing Sofa Slipcovers

Of course the great thing about slipcovered sofas is that any stains can be easily washed off. If kids dirty the sofa, or you spill food or drink on the sofa then it's all fine. Coffee, juice, dirt stains, etc can all be washed out. You can also wash it with stain removers or things like bleach to really make it as clean as new. And it's easy to remove slipcovers and to put slipcovers back on the sofa.

People also often like to wash the slipcover regularly, such as once a month, to keep it always looking great. After washing the slipcover you have a freshly laundered sofa that feels and looks like new. This makes your sofa look so clean, as if it's a display sofa nobody sits on, even though all the family uses it all the time.

Besides washing the slipcovers you can also buy new ones very cheaply. This way you can have spares and when you put a new slipcover on it's like the sofa is brand new.

Slipcovered Sofas Are Great For Pets

If you have pets in your home it could drive you crazy trying to keep them off a regular sofa. With a slipcovered sofa though it's no longer a problem. If the pets dirty your slipcover you can just wash it any time. This is handy if your cat sheds hair on the sofa or the dog gets dirty paw marks on it.

Easily Change The Look Of Your Slipcovered Sofa

The sofa is often the centrepiece of a room, setting the look and style of the room. With slipcovered sofas you can change the look of your sofa very cheaply whenever you like. Each time you change to a new slipcover it's like you have a whole new sofa.

This is great for impressing friends and family with your interior decorating skills, since you can change the way your sofa looks to suit the mood, occasion or the season. When special guests come over, or on special occasions, you might like to get out the fancy slipcovers for your sofa, and go back to other slipcovers suited for regular use during normal days.

Buying New Slipcovers For Your Sofa

With regular sofas, after years of wear and tear to the surface upholstery you will often be forced to buy a new couch. However with a slipcovered sofa all you have to do is buy a new slipcover and the couch soldiers on like new. This is great if there's damage to the surface or if it's just gotten worn out over the years. Of course this will save you lots of money compared to buying a new sofa, as slipcovers are very cheap.

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