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Investment Prospects for Doing Business in the Philippines

Thinking of doing business in the Philippines? Here are investment prospects for forign capitalists and overseas Filipinos rturning to stay for good.

Investment prospects in the Philippines for business-minded folks continue to exist and evolve in spite of the country's political and socio-economic woes. What are some of these money-making opportunities?

Booming niche markets for potential investors

Investment prospects in Philippine Islands

Agencies to assist investors

Depending on the nature of the ownership, business registration is processed at the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) for sole proprietorship and at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for corporations. Investors may also consult with representatives of these agencies for further details: the Philippine Board of Investments (BOI), the Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA), the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), and the Department of Tourism (DOT).

Making the decision to do business in the Philippines

Before pursuing an investment prospect in the Philippines, it is necessary to ascertain one's financial resources and managing ability. Doing business in these islands entails not just money, but knowing one's motivations, the country's diverse cultures, its labor code provisions, and the government's economic policies. Likewise, it is necessary to be aware of the social and political realities that affect the business climate.

Once the decision is made to invest in the Philippines, conduct a feasibility study to determine the potential of the business. For foreign investors, having a Filipino business partner will certainly help deal with the procedures involved in legitimizing the business and marketing it. Learning a major Filipino language, most often Tagalog, can also help build rapport not just with fellow Filipino entrepreneurs, but with potential clients and employees as well.


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